Of All The People In All The World: The Americas

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Skirball Cultural Center
Los Angeles, USA
29 November – 30 December 2007

Los Angeles 2007

Our second visit to the Skirball Center with Of All The People In All The World, this time for a month and with a larger version of the show – 15 tons to represent the population of The Americas. The show was made possible thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor who having seen the brief run of the show the year before thought that it should return for longer, so that more people would be able to see it. The show was spread over three galleries – the first looking at the history of The United States, the second Israel, Palestine and The Middle East and the third a more general look at the world, past and present.

It was lovely to be back at The Skirball and to meet the friends there again that we had made on our previous visit – we were very much made to feel part of the center family once more. And to have sunshine and warmth in December was a real treat. Some of the team left before Christmas whilst Jake and Karen gave up holidays at home to stay to work on the show over the Christmas period.

Spending longer in the city this time also made Los Angeles make more sense and the fact that we had cars brought much more of it within reach. We spotted dancing rabbis, Father Christmas (on a few occasions), a toucan in a pushchair and Batman; drove Mulholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard and saw distant stars from Griffith Park Observatory. It was another memorable trip.


Performers: Charlotte Goodwin, Jake Oldershaw, Graeme Rose, Bernadette Russell, Karen Stafford, Craig Stephens, James Yarker.
With: Nafeesa Monroe
Concept: James Yarker
General Manager: Charlotte Martin
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting

I liked it because it must have took lots of years to do it.


Stan’s Cafe has an amazingly creative, soulful thing here.

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What an amazing, informative and consciousness-raising experience. Thank you for sharing your insightful vision with Los Angeles.


I was honored to have Rosa Parks @ my house. Thank you for honoring her with her 1 grain of rice.

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For lack of a better word, ‘perfect’

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I saw your exhibit in Melbourne a year ago and I tell people about it all the time. It definitely has changed my perspective on life and rice for that matter.


Poignant. An apocalyptic perspective. PS: I’m sorry I knocked over Ecuador.

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What a simple but brilliant way to capture the vast and minute measurements that are too difficult to imagine in our minds.

Quite lovely. Intriguing and beautiful way to stand with people in an open space and look at ‘ourselves’/’each other’ in the world.

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