Of All The People In All The World

Wagenhalle, Stuttgart
20 June – 10 July, 2005


David Tushingham, who has tracked Stan’s Cafe’s work for years, travelled from Kent to see Of All The People In All The World premiere at Warwick Arts Centre. In turn he encouraged Peter Jakob Kelting to see the show in Birmingham, together they reported back to Marie Zimmerman, director of Theater Der Welt 2005 and persuaded her to bring the whole world version of the show to Stuttgart.

A little over two years after it’s first staging Of All The People In All The World was presented in its dream setting, a vast post-industrial space in a major European theatre festival.

Lows came with the elements, the searing heat and high humidity that made working tough, the apocalyptic rain that caused guttering to fail and the venue to flood.

Highs came with the people and the place and the space and the wonder.


Performers: Sarah Archdeacon, Heather Burton, Alison Carney,
Ed Dimsdale, Charlotte Goodwin, Mike Kirchner,
Jake Oldershaw, Craig Stephens
With Eva Bredow, Stjepan Durkin, Volker Gebhard,
Ina Granzow, Inna Mantel, Sula Pferdt, Vanessa Valk

Lights: Paul Arvidson – Lights
General Manager: Charlotte Martin – General Manager
Technician: Richard Meinharth
Dramaturge: Wouter van Ransbeek – Dramaturge
Producer for Stan’s Cafe: Nick Sweeting – Producer
Venue Manager: Marion Schneider – Venue Manager
Research and Translation: Petra Schneider – Research and Translation
Technical Director Theater Der Welt: Katja Sonnemann
Production Manager for Stan’s Cafe: Karen Stafford –
Research and Translation: Sophia Stepf
Signalnet: Jon Ward
Production Manager Theater Der Welt: Mathias Wendelin
Director Theatre Der Welt: Marie Zimmerman
Concept and Direction: James Yarker

Every man is a rice grain, at heart.

Audience Member

If I hadn’t seen this, I’d have missed out on something in my life.

Audience Member

It’s lovely to be a grain of rice!


It makes you feel small…and makes you think big.

Audience Member

You have a great sense of black humour between the rice-lines!

Audience Member

I will never be able to eat risotto again without making some statistics out of it!


It was wonderful to see this place so populated – with people and rice.

Audience Member

Incredibly impressive, frightening, disturbing. Many thanks for this great art exhibition.

Audience Member

A reorganising, a rejuggling of thinking must follow this.


You look like gods deciding people’s fates in your cloaks.