Of All The Creatures Across The Globe

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IFTR World Congress, University of Warwick
28th July – 1st August, 2014
10th – 24th July, 2015

Talk of creating an animal version of Of All The People In All The World had been circulating for almost a decade, but before now the context had never been correct and no one had ever expressed an interest in comissioning this version.

The idea was obvious, the same one-to-one rule should apply with a different food stuff applied to each differetn species. The major challenge was that statistics about animal populations are far more difficult to locate and far less nuanced than those for human statistics. The scale of the numbers involve vary hugely and the flexibility of the story telling is limited.

Eventually Prof. Baz Kershaw invited us to collaborate with him. He had been developing a Meadow Meanders project under the company name Earthrise Repair Shop and was interested in having an animal version of Of All The People In All The World punctuate his meanderers experience. This seemed like a great context for our idea, being part of something else meant the density of our piece could be quite low, our statistics carefully chosen and restrained.

It was fun to work outside with new materials and new challenges. The results, hopefully, contain the same mix of provocation, shock, heartbreak, outrage and humour as the human version of the piece.


Research: Craig Stephens and James Yarker
Weighing: Phil Holyman
Bases: Harry Trow
Lettering: Simon Ford
Vinyl: Eve and James Yarker
Installation: Archie, Jacob and Graeme Rose with Eve & James Yarker
2015 Revival: Johnny O’Hanlon
Plus: Baz Kershaw, Rachel King, Hanzhi Ruan and Emily Temple
Devised by: Stan’s Cafe with Baz Kershaw
General Manager: Charlotte Martin