Of All The People In All The World: Canada

As part of SE Change Festival, University of British Columbia

Innovation Center & Okanagan Regional Library
18 – 21 July, 2022


This presentation started out located in the atrium of Kelowna’s Innovation Center and grew through a partitioning door into the Okanagan Regional Library. Our excuse to be in Canada’s fastest growing city was the first edition of the University of British Columbia’s SE Change Festival (Social & Economic Change).

The Innovation Centre was good as we had a regular audience from the building’s tenants as well as the public visiting it’s restaurant and coffee shop. The library was great because it was a library. Our show can feel like a library of rice so we had fun finding places for rice on the shelves. Audiences startd moving between the two connected buildings to see the whole show.

Highlight: Realising the importance people attach to ‘being seen’ and the show’s potential to make this happen. Jake was choked up as a local man thanked him for including a pile of rice representing indgeonous children abused in residential schools. He explained that he was a grain in that pile, that he had only just started to come to terms with that experience and being made visible in the show was a powerful moment for him.

A BBQ on a plot of private beach with a long time friend and her friend’s family then swimming in lake Okanagan was also a highlight but not strictly work related.

Lowlight: Atrium spaces are great for the installation being seen but fairly regularly it’s not see so ineviatably you spend a fair amound of time repairing accidents.


Performed by: Jake Oldershaw and James Yarker
With: Marria and Neil
Research: Jake
Administration: Lucy Bird and Michelle Smith
Producer: Nick Sweeting
Thanks to: Allyssa Costerton-Grant