Of All The People In All The World: Europe

Festival VEO, Valencia
17 – 25 February, 2005


The rice and most of the performers were packed up in Madrid and transported to Valencia. Craig flew out to provide the show with its initial direction as James had done in Madrid, a strategy adopted to balance family life with touring commitments.

Valencia is a city with a rice museum, so it was bound to be a good gig. The show looked great in an old warehouse with beautiful brick walls. The audience entered the space through a narrow passage with the globe illuminated at one end and we laid out every European city on black carpet in front of the table. Unfortunately audience numbers were low and so only a few people saw these visual treats.

Lowlight 250 spanish students arriving at the space believing they were going to sit down to watch a two hour long play performed in English.

Highlight having learned from the previous school party madness, the next group of primary school students were taken around in small groups. Discussing relative proportions of refugees and millionaires etc. with Spanish kids proved very rewarding.

Really beautiful. It opened my eyes.

Audience Member


Performers: Sarah Archdeacon, Heather Burton, Amanda Hadingue, Jake Oldershaw
Production Manager: Karen Stafford
Images: Karen Stafford
Initial Direction: Craig Stephens
Concept: James Yarker
General Manager: Charlotte Martin
Advisory Producer: Nick Sweeting

The best idea of the world.

Audience Member

Very original and shocking. It gives us fuel for thought.

Audience Member

It’s amazing the differences we have depending on where we live, the sources we have…


Quietly spectacular and engrossing. Brings a fresh sense to the notion of representative art.

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