4 thoughts on “The Just Price Of Flowers Review

  1. Does the paper have someone whose job it is select words which will act as hyperlinks to advertisements or does a piece of software do that? It’s in some middle ground between random and contrived.

    Nice review though!


  2. This review is now in the print edition with a juicy big photograph and 5/5 rating (technically not stars so we are allowed to report on this.

  3. I came along to watch this piece on Thursday night on a recommendation. I felt that the idea itself showed merit but I could not help coming away wishing the piece had undergone a more extensive development process.

    Whilst I enjoyed the conceptual style of this production I though the puns were a little weak and the opening song a bit too long. However I really liked the set and origami props. There were strong performances but some inconsistency among the acting. Was there a reason for it being an almost exclusively female cast? In a sense it would have been better if it had been entirely female as this concept would have contrasted well against the predominantly male world of banking.

    The thing for me which was most unfortunate was the increasing drop in temperature. The heater was switched off before the performance commenced which I understand was done due to the noise but frankly I would rather put up with the background rumbling of a heater than sit in a freezing warehouse. For me this took away from the whole experience.

  4. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for coming on that Thursday and for taking the time and effort to make these comments. We do appreciate the communication.

    I think in many ways you are right. By definition I suspect all puns are weak, is there such a thing as a strong pun? The show edges towards pantomime in that direction, which clearly is not to everyone’s taste. Obviously spending longer on the show would have ironed out some pacing issues and consistence within the acting. Those are amongst the risks we took in deciding to make the show that fast and cheap, cheap to make and cheap to watch.

    Casting was a result of us inviting those who have worked with Stan’s Cafe over the last twelve months, but not necessarily our theatre shows if they were available and wanted to be in a stage show. We worked with all those who said yes. I too like the gender imbalance and woman playing men, it does make you think about the gender thing and for me that’s enough without pushing it to an all female cast and making that a big thing.

    I am genuinely sorry about the cold. Thursday was the worst night for that, partly just because it was colder that night and party because following that experience we brought in extra heaters and blankets. It turns out that room doesn’t hold the heat as well as we had hoped. If we keep hold of the factory into the future and can get some finances in then we will be investigating better silent heating options.

    I hope we will see you at another show soon. Best wishes


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