The Just Price of Flowers: Day 1

Tuesday was the first of five days rehearsing for The Just Price of Flowers, the new Stan’s Cafe show It will be peformed @ A E Harris in Birmigham on 3rd, 4th and 5th December.

It’s an Austerity production, meaning we’re doing it on the cheap and selling tickets cheap (£5) on line and on the door. We talked through inspiration and motivation for the show. Parts were allocated. We read through the first third of the script (all I have written so far). We build the set and read through the script again whilst standing on stage.

Over night I finished scene 8 and wrote a draft of scene 10 (scene 9 is proving a bit tricky).

Whilst the set was being build Craig worked in our secret underground bunker loading Adobe Illustrator onto his work laptop along with the driver for our Miamaki vinyl cutter and cut out the replacement and reserve vinyl ordered by Beaumont Leys for Space Steps prior to its public opening on Saturday.

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