Litigation Terror.

Erroneous message breifly seen on the Stan's Cafe homepage
Erroneous message breifly seen on the Stan's Cafe homepage
For a brief but terrifying time late on Friday Stan’s Cafe was exposed to potential litigation from disgruntled audience members and the Bertolt Brecht estate as a question mark went A.W.O.L.. Fortunately Craig leapt to the rescue and hopefully it is now clear that The Just Price of Flowers is a bit like a Brecht play, not a recently discovered previously unperformed script by the master.

One of our literary correspondents has brought to our attention the Brecht / Eisler song Supply and Demand in which a merchant sings about Rice as a material for financial speculation. There is obvious potential here for a double bill alongside Of All The People In All The World. As it happens we’re not using the song and if we were we’d like to stress our interpretation would differ from Robyn Archer’s. We’d also like to stress that our ‘explanation’ of contemporary financial derivative’s trading will be nothing like this.

2 thoughts on “Litigation Terror.

  1. been wanting to mention the historical detail that in the extreme times of hardship during WWII dutch citizens were reduced to eating tulip bulbs to survive. Seems like a poignant image of desperation.

  2. and an extreme contrast to those stories of extremely valuable tulip bulbs being eaten in error during Tulipmania (apparently they don’t taste great in any circumstance).

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