Of All The People … in Bern (2)

The show opened here on Thursday evening to an enthusiastic response. The venue was built in 1897 as a riding school but is now a cultural centre, with restaurant, cinema, theatre etc and a centre for radical politics. We are in the big hall which provides a very atmospheric setting for the show. It’s also very cold (so cold that the printer won’t work on our table) so we are having to duck in and out of our nice warm research and printing room on a relay basis. The cold shouldn’t put off visitors though who are able to get nice hot cups of specially prepared chai tea.



One thought on “Of All The People … in Bern (2)

  1. Well, it’s still horribly cold here and if it helps, my printer doesn’t work either. Snow finally gone though. Hope you’re all chipper and eating of the Holy Cheese. Missing you! Grae

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