Of All The People … in Bern

reitschule, bern

We are at the end of day two of our get in here at the Reitschule in Bern and still waiting for most of the paper to arrive. This is cramping our style a bit (and ability to set up the show). Still we have managed to get out some of the larger piles using the roll of paper that was here. I say we … but it’s mainly been Jack and Jake as my dodgy back has restricted me to very light duties and a lot of moaning and face pulling. Jack woke up with a crick in his neck this morning so now there is only Jake’s spine to go and will all be wincing and the show will be restricted to very small piles of rice.


One thought on “Of All The People … in Bern

  1. I recall Arvo describing a gig where he did no lifting and just told people what to do as a ‘white glove’ job.

    Bern sounds like the kind of place that might have steam rooms and vigorous massages. I hope you all feel better soon and that a bit more paper shows up.

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