Box-Office Novice

I wasn’t born to run a box-office and hadn’t prepared myself for the task. The simple and obvious thing to do would have been to print out as many programs as there are seats in the theatre, give one to each person who arrives, when you’ve run out of programs you’ve run out of seats, did I do that? No.

Instead, I attempted to mark on a sheet of paper a tally of people arriving, tick off people picking up tickets from our (largely successful) on-line ticket sales. People came in bursts, I ended up chatting. People paid in advance for people who arrived later. Rapidly I lost a grip on the numbers and as a result, people ended up grabbing chairs from the bar and squeezing themselves in at the side of the packed main seating bank.

It was great to see so people turning up in the chilly night to see the Just Price of Flowers. Same again tomorrow please.


3 thoughts on “Box-Office Novice

  1. 8pm, if we run out of chairs we also run out of sight-lines so no, leave chairs at home but put on as many layers of clothes as you can manage whilst still being able to bend your limbs.

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