News for a New Show

Recently we’ve been preparing to make a number of new shows. The first of these is going to have a very quick turn around. The title should be confirmed later on today and publicity shots were taken yesterday and we’re still trying to confirm the casting.

As research for the show I have been reading the gripping and somewhat horrifying book House of Cards, which chronicles the collapse of Bear Sterns. It’s a chunky read but a page turner, which I finished yesterday.

This morning comes a news story that ties up one of the lose threads from the story. Two of the major figures running the two hedge funds whose failure helped trigger the firm’s demise were acquitted following charges of fraud. The argument was that they were talking up the funds whilst knowing they were precipitous decline. Email correspondence formed a key part of the prosecution’s case and was deemed not substantive enough to eliminate doubt as to criminal intent.

How will all this transform into a new Stan’s Cafe show. I don’t yet know, we’ll all have to wait until early December to see.


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