Escape Club

maths   Secondary School  

Washwood Heath Academy, Birmingham
July 2018

After working with the Science Department in the Autumn term transforming their very long corridor into a learning resource via Equation Decoration, in the Summer term we worked with the Mathematics Department helping their Year 10 students tackle worded problems and increase their resilience in the face of tough challenges.

Our approach was to take inspiration from the current fad for Escape Rooms and combine this with our affection for British Prisoner of War escape stories from World War 2.

In groups of six Year 10 students are introduced to a scenario in which they are in a room with the chief’s briefcase. They have an our to discover the six digits that will release the briefcase’s combination lock. Each digit is the answer to a different mathematical problem and each problem is themed on escape from a castle whilst posing exam relevant challenges.

Students enjoyed the challenge, often voluntarily staying into their breaktime to complete the task. Some students returned with friends seeking to take on the challenge a second time. Teachers were surprised and delighted with this level of commitment and we are looking to run this and new versions of Escape Club in years to come.


Devised by: Britani Scott and James Yarker
Design: Britani Scott
Questions: James Yarker
Thanks to: Lucy Nicholls, Kerry Murdock, Anthony Ruck, Mr.Barnes, Mrs.Sturmey and Mr.Saheed

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