Washwood Heath Academy

Partner School  

Stan’s Cafe developed is broad approach to working in schools through a series of key projects a number of which were in collaboration with Castle Vale School. One of the Assistant Headteachers there was a very enthusiastic and inspirational man called Pete Weir. Eventually the sad day came when Pete told us he was leaving to take up the role of Deputy Headteacher elsewhere. As he left he promised to be back in touch from his new school “when the time is right”. Eventually, many years later, the phone rang again in the Stan’s Cafe office and it was Mr. Weir from Washwood Heath Academy. The time was right and the time has been right ever since.

We have done a range of projects with Washwood Heath Academy since 2013 ranging from a spectacular First World War domino toppling event to single hour long revision lessons. We have worked with Year 7 as they are introduced to the school and Year 11 as they approach their final exams. The challenges they present us are always demanding but clearly focused on improving the school lives and performance of teachers and students so we are happy to take them on.