Rice in Madrid

Of All The People In All The World: Europe opened at the Chamartin Railway Station, Madrid on Monday. This is the first time the show has been staged on this middle scale and I think it’s a great size. There is enough rice to put out some impressive statistics and these larger piles help give the piece a strong sculptural feel. At the same time, twelve tons of rice is far more managable than the hundred and four tons the world scale entails.

Our Madrid venue is impressive, it has a contemporary barrelled roof, decent natural light and the smooth tiled floor is ideal. Each time we take the show out we learn something new about it. Here the rice arrived in ten enormous sacks rather than the 20 or 25kg bags we are familiar with. This maked the get-in far more laborious than usual but a set of industrial scales, willing local help and an impressively committed Stan’s team ment we opened on time. The whole business of weighing out rice gets a bit obsessive after a while, especially when you’re spending hours just filling up 20kg bags. I’ve had to go cold turkey, flying home to try and set up some fresh projects for the next few years, whilst the rest of the team stay on.

Hopefuly Amanda, Charlotte G, Heather, Jake and Karen will get to see some of the local sights, The Prado and a show or two from the festival before they close at the end of the week and the whole enterprise rolls on to Valencia.


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