Grand Central Secret

The latest Stan’s Cafe website editorial makes great play of secrecy. This isn’t out of choice. The office is currently in a state of anxiety. A host of gigs are awaiting confirmation of one sort or another, a mass of decisions and actions are poised to be made and taken depending on the yeses or the nos.

It’s easy to get swept along by possibilities that subsequently fall through. It’s embarrassing to have shared your excitement only to have to confess later that it has come to nothing. The most recent example, which we did fairly well to keep the lid on, was an offer to perform Of All The People In All The World for two days at Grand Central Station in NYC. It all looked very possible except for the complication that the East Coast Premiere had already been optioned by another venue. We pitched them the Grand Central gig as great publicity but they saw it as stealing their thunder – that’s their prerogative and we have no complaints. We file this non-performance along with all the others as the history that could have been.

Where is the East Coast premiere taking place? We can’t say yet. The agreement is there but the publicity embargo remains until the venue announces the appropriate season.


2 thoughts on “Grand Central Secret

  1. Golly. I think one does eventually start to get used to what we rather optimistically call our ‘flexible lifestyle’ though.

    For example, so far this year, Arvo has almost got to both Rhodes and somewhere in Italy (I think – it all blurs rather). I have stopped getting excitficated about it now and just focus on whether he’s got enough socks to tide him over and I have enough ready meals in the freezer to cover the the time he’s away, should it actually happen :).

    Exciting stuff though. And of course, talking about it before it comes off is sure to jinx it :(.

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