A Day At The Market

Today was one of those strangely moving days we encounter from time to time. Year 4 from Forestdale Primary School took six stalls at the Bull Ring open market and showed everyone the dioramas they had made out of fruit and vegetables.

It was fantastic to see them confident enough to call out and tout for custom. It was rewarding to hear them explain how the landscapes had been made and how they are best viewed. The teachers put in a lot of work to help the logistics run smoothly and they got busy with the school laminator to great effect. The stalls looked good. We had fun throughout the project. The students seemed to get a lot from it and a number of parents made the serious trip from Frankley into the City Centre to see it all happen. Now, a little after Midnight, Ed is photographing the artworks as they wilt over time and under his lights. By tomorrow they will be composting and before long images from Fruit and Veg City should be on the website.


One thought on “A Day At The Market

  1. How are you going to persuade your daughter not to play with her food, James, once she gets to that stage? She’ll see the OATP pictures and now these. You won’t have a leg to stand on.

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