Finally I have finished the Creative Partnerships’ Summit DVD. This is the third time we have documented the event. In previous years we delivered a Quicktime movie and poem, this time I foolishly suggested we do something more elaborate.

Inspired by seeing Craig put shows onto DVD I suggested this format would allow the event to be covered more fully with extra movies and slideshows. It did and has, but not without some quantity of cursing. Ed managed to conjure another fine set of photographs from most unpromising circumstances and Robert Shaw – AKA the great Mighty Math – did an impressive job creating a soundtrack that is both musically seductive and chock full of voices from the event. It was bending iDVD to my will that took the time.

It’s all been fun, a headache and time consuming. In moments of high frustration I couldn’t help thinking “you wouldn’t catch The Wooster Group doing this!”. I wonder if doing this kind of thing is essential to us – not doing things you wouldn’t catch other people doing but doing a combination of things you wouldn’t catch other people combining?


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