Dull Post Holiday Entry

Post holiday is a good time, fired up and ready to go. This week has been a bit about catching up with the past but mostly trying get to grips with the future.

On Tuesday Craig and I sized up a few sizable spaces for Of All The People In All The World in London 2007 – the whole world version. Our excitement in the spaces turns out to correlate directly to their price, but something can probably be worked out.

On Wednesday Craig and I met up with Mr.Sweeting in Oxford to weigh up options for the future. The successive failure of three ideas pitched to various commissioners has dented my usually bullet-proof optimism – am I doing something wrong? Do we look to push our studio theatre shows as hard we can in the next few years or do we continue to look to the para-theatrical stuff? I often speculate as to how much Stan’s Cafe shapes it’s future and how much it is carried by the tide of events and opportunities.

On Thursday we had a staff meeting, this was partly about the future of art, but mostly about new, more stringent financial controls designed to keep track of how much we should and do have or have not in the bank.


4 thoughts on “Dull Post Holiday Entry

  1. You can tell me to eff off, but surely what you should do is what you think you will most enjoy.

  2. Beer would probably encourage this to develop in to a very interesting discussion, possibly with ranting … 🙂

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