Oz Radio Got Me Bad

At the hight of Ashes fervor I heard a joke comparing Australia with Yogurt due to it’s lack of culture. A joke perhaps only permissible or amusing in the heat of a sporting contest. Listening to ‘The Deep End’ on ABC this morning confirmed that
yogurt will need to buck it’s ideas up.

The Australian journalist Sian Prior was in Birmingham a few months ago, we spent a pleasent few hours wandering the streets and talking over a dictaphone about the City and Of All The People In All The World: Pacific Rim. This morning a link to the audio results of this conversation came though. 18 minutes in, after some Jazz and a learned discussion about Tasmanian Visual Art, it’s us.

Listening to the package in the office whilst trying to tidy up, empty the bins, recycle the junk mail and generally smooth things over after a hectic time here and away, I found myself on the verge of tears. I get moved to tears pathetically easily, especially for someone so apparently stern, but on this occasion I defend myself. There is something genuinely moving in this package. It’s probably not anything anyone else would notice, but just hearing Stan’s Cafe featured seriously and professionaly on English language broadcast media after such an enormously long time was powerfully validating.

Judge for yourselves via the link (it’s probably not going to be up for long, so hurry, hurry, hurry).


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