Dress For Success

Some deep inner weakness has prevented me making the concerted effort it takes to shake-off the Lancaster University Alumni organization. As a result they keep chasing me with news of people I don’t know and invitations to switch to a Lancaster University Credit Card. At some point I filled in a form divulging my job – possibly in an attempt to stop them asking me for money. Today a letter came through inviting me to a Media Networking event they are running in London. I’m not a Networker so I won’t going, the idea makes my skin crawl, but I was interested to note that the event’s lead attraction is Mark Wells.

Mark Wells was contemporaneous with some of Stan’s Cafe at Lancaster in the late 80s. He was notable for being the only person on campus to wear glasses with coloured frames. It seems he knew where he was heading, even in those early days. Now he is Head of Entertainment at ITV, which is pretty impressive. I imagine that is equivalent to be Head of Breakfast Cereal at Kelloggs.

As I cycled off to work I found myself thinking “Mark Wells, didn’t he do well”.


5 thoughts on “Dress For Success

  1. I’ve been racking my brains for half an hour trying to think of a more scathing equivalence for Head of Entertainment at ITV but I simply can’t improve on yours.
    Did the “skin craw” reference come from an unconscious ‘stick in my craw’ thought?

  2. If only I were that imaginative, just poor typing skills I’m afraid (now ‘corrected’ thank you).

  3. The last I heard from the Lancaster University Alumni outfit was them asking me to confirm for their Big Book of Alumni that I (a Theatre Studies graduate) had studied Politics and International Relations. The residents of the house my parents used to live in in Manchester are still no doubt receiving invitations to network with local politicians. (Simon Ashley at time of printing third from the top, Editor of Student Newspaper for which Mark Wells also wrote Entertainment features. )

  4. Mark produced You’ve Been Framed during the Beadle years. By comparison, I have wasted my life.

    I get that bloody Alumni magazine too, despite having never told them where I live. Still, I like to catch up with what Kevin Toomy is up to. Recently the experience has become more disoncerting, as the only people I recognise are those who have recently died.

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