Vale Of Confusion

On Wednesday we were in Castle Vale School again. Craig was inducting teachers into the ways of the rice. I was getting lamps blown on the Home Of The Wriggler bike kit by over enthusiastic staff. Afterwards, daydreaming and mulling over recent news, I was wandering around trying to find an easy route to get the bike out of school and passed a group of kids chatting in the playground.

“Impressive” I thought “young kids discussing the fate of dissidents in the former Soviet Union. This Bond style poisoning must have made current affairs the stuff of playground debate”. Later, the sad truth dawned and my over optimistic nature was exposed again. Of course the kids weren’t discussing the Nobel Prize winning former scientist and dissident Andre Sakharov, they were clearly dispensing sensitive relationship advice. I wonder if he will sack her off?


One thought on “Vale Of Confusion

  1. I was going to point you towards voltage regulators at Maplin, they cost less than a quid each, but then it occurred to me that the blowing of bulbs could well be a significant part of the whole Wriggler thing.

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