MASSMoCA Get In Day 3

Craig arrived last night looking remarkably human for a man with only a hazy recall of what sleep means. It was good to have him augmenting the crew today.

Today started with the whole MASSMoCA staff visiting for a sneak look. I got a chance to say ‘Thanks for having us and being so helpful’. Good venues always have this good cohesive rapport and collective focus on what they are delivering. Everyone here has been great.

After this today has been mostly tidying up and tweaking, filling in the gaps; Heather producing a batch of souvenir bags with our new, heavier duty plastic; Jon pacing quietly around noting cryptic symbols on a note-pad before disappearing to hush this and raise that. In a back room Karen smoothly irons the tablecloth and coats. We all weed out clumsy wording, rogue spelling and curled paper. Lighting gets balanced, open white with blue from one side to define shape.

At 18.30 the doors open to a preview audience of 200. It’s a proud thought that over 4,000 miles away Graeme, Jack, Louise, and Nick are opening a smaller version of the same show in Budapest. I hope it is going as smoothly there as it is here.


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