Adelaide, all done and dusted, we got there just a week ago and now me and Jake are back at Singapore airport with a few hours to kill before the final leg back to London.
WOMADelaide – my first experience of a big music festival, going as an artist is the way to do it. With a back stage pass that allows you some moments of peace away from the crowds, a bar with no queue ( same with the toilets) and an air conditioned dressing room ( not really a dressing room more a trailer, we shared it with a french visual arts company called Quidams, they seemed a little grumpy but their show was beautiful)

My first experience also of OATP in a tent, I started with my usual attention to detail, straight lines, carefully arranged rice, clean and neat. By the end of Sunday I had to let go to the WOMAD spirit, the tent was full of grass, ants, and people. We did our best to stop the ants making off with some individuals, (they were very persistent ) I also had to ask a kid to pick up his football. Despite these extra anxieties and the incredible 100 degree heat the show was a great success with the tent constantly full of people. I spoke with a lot of people, including an aboriginal women proud that her people were included in the Australian population stats.

From MASS MoCA to WOMADelaide a crazy few weeks of snow, sun and rice and I can’t wait to be home.


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