The Monster Is Rising

The set is vast, a monster, beautifully made so heavy as hell; it looks fantastic. Massed ranks of lighting stands flank the stage. Miles of cable, dozens of lanterns and colour scrollers laid out on tarpaulin, James M, with his iPod plugged, spent all day fixing plugs and connectors; the legwork before the glory. Kit for effects arrives everyday, yesterday was speakers and amps for Nina’s surround sound world, today we await the world’s most expensive water resistant varnish to treat the set yet again, just in case. Karen has a huge scrolling shopping list, there are more props and costumes already on rails and tables than in all our previous shows combined. It should be the ENO. but it’s us.

On Monday the seating bank arrives, with the chairs following swiftly. Each day the list of things to do seems to grow rather than shorten. Masking for the front of the stage. Moulton to drape above the lights. A changing station. A video relay for the operators. Where do you get hold of a Holy Water shaker thing for £10 or less?

At times the show just seems like a vast exercise in logistics but I think beneath it all and rising is a really strong show. Each day there is a moment that rocks you back on your heals with its strength. We are stitching these moments together. Time is running out but we know where we’re going. It could be spectacular. I hope it’s packed out.


P.S. For what it’s worth, I note this is the 100th entry on this blog (and still not publishing deal).

One thought on “The Monster Is Rising

  1. Where do you get hold of a Holy Water shaker thing for £10 or less?
    Fancy dress shop specialising in ‘Vicars and Tarts’ costumes?
    Ask at the local church if they have a spare?

    It sounds brilliant …

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