and in Switzerland everything is working like clockwork.

Charlotte can now predict almost exactly how things will go with a gig. If she’s had grief setting it up, we can expect grief when we arrive. She said all would be well in Fribourg and so it has proved.

Belluard Bollwerk International belongs to a category of small festivals we love. It is intimate and friendly, with a program full of intriguing shows. The festival team is tight-knit and their project seems valued by the town. For the artists, communal eating arrangements foster a sense of family and when one of the directors rocks up to solve your internet issues in a flash you know you’re onto a good thing.

Big festivals are exciting to be involved in but it takes a special director, like Kristy Edmunds in Melbourne, to translate that Small Festival feel to the large scale.

This is the last time Gion and Stéphane will direct this festival. They don’t know where they’re going because they haven’t looked beyond this ‘Edition’, but that kind of integrity alongside their sense of seriousness and fun should ensure they take a great vibe with them wherever they go. Good on them and their team.


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