Four Axel Glory Punctured

Taking The Cleansing Of Constance Brown to Edinburgh was a significant commitment; an investment of £12k to stage eight performances over four days to a maximum of 280 people. Our two-day get-in had to be brought down to ten hours, Bernadette and Jan were performing other shows around ours and Jake had his own piece up with Craig and Graeme helping him out. I was quite anxious about the whole thing.

Despite the fantastic reception and everyone’s great good spirits throughout my favourite moment came on the get-in. After sixteen years graft, finally Stan’s Cafe was having a set delivered in an articulated lorry – technically it could and has fitted into smaller trucks, but nevertheless the haulage firm chose an artic so who were we to argue? Naturally I was basking in four axel glory and had just taken a photo as proof for any prospective grandchildren when Hamish, one of our muscular hired hands, stepped out of McEwan Hall “Great, how many of these are we doing?”.


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