The Golden Envelope

Rumours flew back and forth but finally, on Friday, news arrived of our proposed funding settlement with Arts Council England. We were both pleased and relieved to discover that we have been recommended for a significant increase in support.

At the same time similar envelopes containing different news were arriving with arts organisations across the country. We have been variously shocked, saddened, relieved and nonplussed by the unconfirmed reports (rumours by another name?) we are getting from other companies. It is difficult to tell who has done well out of the whole reappraisal. I suspect, like us, in deference to those who have been cut, those who have gained are being a little cagey. It is easy to imagine that money is being taken from Company A and given to Company B and there is an appeals mechanism for Company A so identifying yourselves as Company B isn’t great politics.

Politics aside, if you’ve been concerned about the future of Stan’s Cafe, don’t be, we found high ground.


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