The cabin crew were late but it’s a tough call to leave without them, so the flight was delayed. Immigration was slow so by the time we were reunited with Karen and Jake in Arrivals they’d pretty much taken root. They’d both flown in from the East Coast having wound up the show in L.A., with luck our collective jetlag will cancel out.

The Hotel is great, a block from the Chrysler Building on Lexicon and 47th, but infernally hot. It poses that classic conundrum, it’s too hot to sleep but if you open the window it’s too noisy to sleep, you can’t turn on the air conditioning because then your conscience won’t let you sleep. I couldn’t sleep.

It’s great to be here though and it’s a big day today: ‘Load In Day 1’.


One thought on “Heat

  1. Stop whinging and turn the air con on – if your so called conscience is keeping you awake how did they get you on the plane?

    Did they have to drug you like BA on the A-Team?

    Otherwise invest in some earplugs- you plug!

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