Space, Space, Space.

It all seems to be about space in the Stan’s Cafe office at the moment. I’ve casually said, many times, that one great thing about theatre is that all you need to make it is some mates and a space. You do however have to have the space.

Space 1: We need to find a space in which to stage The Cleansing Of Constance Brown in Birmingham. Heading into the Christmas break we had a couple of very promising leads, which evaporated in the New Year. Everything has gone to print saying “City Centre Venue TBC” which hopefully makes the thing sound mysterious and intriguing. We’re not in panic mode yet, we’ve got ideas, we’ve got leads, we’ve got time.

Space 2: We need to find 3,000 square meters of space in which to plonk 120 tons of rice, close Birmingham City Centre for six weeks. We’ve got a date in mind, we’ve got money coming together and we’re chasing space.

Space 3: We’ve still not given up on the notion of having a permanent Stan HQ and are currently in negotiations with property developers on the (remote) possibility that we can work something out together.

How will we get on with our various quests?

Watch this space.


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