The Haves, Have Nots and Have A Lots.

On Friday the letter arrived confirming the Arts Council’s increased funding offer. This welcome news prompted a trip to the Arts Council’s website and, eventually, a somewhat sordid session trawling through PDFs listing every Regularly Funded Organisation and how much they get.

I hate it when people spend more time talking about money than art, but nonetheless I found the lists compulsive; “who are they?”, “I didn’t realise they are based there”, “they get how much!”, “I’d have thought they would be on more”, “they must do stuff we never hear about”, “they’re still with us are they!“, “oh no, they’re not on the list”, “running a dance company must be expensive”, “you’d imagine £26,961,420 would be enough to run an opera house”, “we’ve got to make sure we really make the most of this and never get complacent”.


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