Bristol Talking

Whilst Craig was in Frankley with Nick B, I jumped on a train to give a talk to some artists as part of Mayfest. It was great to be back in the West Country that it feels like they’ve got a good thing going on in Bristol. There’s a sense that a bunch of courses, including those at the University and Circomedia are churning out graduates who are sticking around and forming companies (Birmingham take note). This year’s Mayfest is giving loads of those companies a bit of profile (Birmingham take note), The Tobacco Factory Venue has a great feel to it, on the first floor with a Bar Bellow, Aardman and other media companies above and luxuary appartments, including the owner’s condo on the top floor it is part of a fascinating mixed use building and collectively they’re persuing an activly green agenda (Birmingham take note). Theatre Bristol appears to be an interesting catalyst for action and they booked me in to give the talk so I’m keen on them already.

In deeply crass summary, Bristol: like Brighton it’s got a high hippy factor, but with no beach they’re all forced to actually get on and DO SOMETHING and the results, to the outside eye (me) are impressive.


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