Clive’s Half Day

The A.E.Harris factory is a beautiful venue for the World Rice. In stark contrast to Stuttgart’s Wagenhalle it is a set of inter-linked spaces, providing visitors with a journey, a range of atmospheres, surprises and unexpected vistas. Not as vast and dramatic as the German space, but very seductive The building has a great feeling somehow reflecting the very pleasant disposition of those who have worked there for years and years.

Tonnes of metal working machines are being moved out ready for us to move in. On Friday we dropped by to see how things were going. There’s still a lot to be done and it’s making us a touch twitchy, but there we have timetabled a decent buffer for unexpected events and all should be well. With most of the workforce off on their annual two week summer break Clive, who will be our ‘caretaker’ for the run, seems to be there alone zooming around on a forklift moving heavy metal objects around. He unlocked doors for us and provided Quote of the Day

“I can’t be doing with these half days” seems an innocuous statement until you realise he was moaning about having to knock off at 12.00 having arrived at 05.00 following an hour’s commute from home. Even Charlotte, who at times appears permanently resident in the Stan office, blanched slightly at the thought.


2 thoughts on “Clive’s Half Day

  1. Is he the chap with the beard and the grey dust-coat, who is at one with his forklift like a centaur? He was very concerned that Leo and I didn’t get squashed yesterday as Arvo took photos. It really is a lovely space.

  2. No beard and purple dust coat so it was probably John. I say this because everyone else I have met there appears to be called John.

    I’m keen to work out if there is dust coat colour coding. Maybe running something like:

    Purple = Machines
    Grey = Forklifts
    Blue = Maintainance
    Brown = Rice

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