Progress Report

Tag team with Craig, who is now in Hamburg. Back home things are a bit frustrating, August summer holidays and bank holidays keep balking progress in various quarters.

Tons of print has arrived for the Birmingham version of Of All The People, so teaser postcards are being distributed through the City Centre. Invitations to the opening are finally hitting the post box. The factory clearance is behind schedule, but not yet worryingly so. Quotes will come in soon for cleaning the floor. Jon and Arvo have stated their kit requirements for sound and lights and a plan is being hatched to pull Constance Brown kit to cover some of this. The Fire Brigade visit on Friday to check the venue over as part of the license application. Tomorrow I ‘audition’ a few of the dozens of people who responded to our invitation for the two performance roles that are up for grabs. This edition of Charlotte’s diurnal cash-flow projection is ‘tight but positive’.

Consuming as this big production is, I’m desperate not to let other things slip. There are various gigs and tours in various degrees of negotiation, all need attention. It’s the constant bind of all busy organisation, how do you deliver in the short term whilst also developing the medium and long term plans? Certainly not by writing extended blog entries.


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