The World Comes To Birmingham

We are delighted to announce, (nearly) exclusively to Stan’s Cafe Blog readers, that after many trips to the edge of triumph and dispare we will finally be staging a World Version of Of All The People In All The World in Britain, in Birmingham, between 12th September and 5th October 2008.

Since first performing the show in its full form, in Stuttgart June 2005, the world’s population, has risen by 8 tonnes (rice equivalent). Despite the recent spike in rice prices we have secured an excellent deal with Britain’s biggest rice wholesalers by which all the rice used in the show can be returned to the food chain at an affordable price. 112 tonnes of rice, four articulated lorries full, a grian for everyone on the planet.

Please put a date in your diaries.


4 thoughts on “The World Comes To Birmingham

  1. How exciting, James! I wish I could be there to see the entire world population in rice. We miss you in LA and think of you often. Best to all. Amina & Skirball folks

  2. That’s fantastic news. Birmingham is lucky to be the beneficiary of your inspiration and persistence. I look forward to experiencing it!

  3. This is brilliant news! I’m really surprised (why should I be?) by how much this has cheered me up on a drizzly summer day. See y’all there.

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