First Weekend

Over 1,000 people visited the show over its opening weekend. The result of a benign confluence of good marketing, good weatehr, ArtsFest and free admission. Many people left saying they would return with friends, so hopefully this will be the case and audience numbers will hold up for the next three weeks.

There have been some fantastic photographs of the show posted on flikr. These are all collated on a website you can reach by following the link.


2 thoughts on “First Weekend

  1. No, Monday was a false alarm. Buy a Wednesday, Guardian (think these false alarms are a way of increasing circulation (though it clearly didn’t work with you)).

    There should also be a review in The Times (since being quoted in it about the show Jordan in L.A. no longer refers to it as The London Times, and I follow his lead). This is expected on Friday.

    A review should appear in The Stage at some point as they were in today.

    A reviewer from The Daily Telegraph is expected tomorrow.

    Cross your fingers.

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