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The much anticipated feature comes out in The Guardian. As anticipated it attracts attention of people who wouldn’t otherwise have caught up with the show (old school friends), it lures in new audience members (a fantastic pair of senior ladies) and validates stuff people don’t believe if you’re saying it about yourselves (other media interest).

Now you can judge for yourselves.


One thought on “National Press

  1. Infuriatingly it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it up to see you. It seems to matter less than for example missing Constance Brown though, partly because I saw the Stuttgart version, but also because – I’m taking a bit of a risk of sentimentality here – it does feel like Of All The People In All The World is happening in the world, not just in Birmingham. It could be a leftover feeling from the Olympics, it could be the international financial apocalypse, but it feels particularly useful and apposite to be creating practical ways of thinking about the world just now. Thanks again.

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