Nearly There

The show is starting to look very much like a show now. There is more to do, but things are well in hand for press photographs and a bit of filming tomorrow. With fire marshal training, new performers arriving, more interviews and opening logistics all intruding I knew I wanted to be well ahead in developing the show and it looks like we’re not far off.

A few visitors have been wandering through and giving the appropriate bowled over responses. It is always more impressive than people imagine. Tonight Collin, Paul and I stayed late. The show looks great at night in this space.

The most exciting news for connoisseurs of fine ethetical dining, is that The Kitchen Garden Cafe will be running a concession at the show. Most exciting for connoisseurs of the show – we are working on an aestetic departure. The venue has a side room which has a different feel to the rest of the space and needed a new strategy. This is in place and tentitively being inititated.

One of the things I enjoy most about working on this show is solving the connundrums it throws up. What to do with that room was a new and serious one. It took a bit of convition and guidance from Craig commit to a new approach and discard a significant portion of some people’s work from yesterday. It will pay off. It gives the show now has an added twist. The secret will be revealed once the show has opened.


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