Theatre-Going Opportunities

Here in the Midlands we’re currently spoilt for choice as to what to go and see.
I’m fuelled by desire and guilt. A genuine interest in seeing the shows and
by the terrible guilt I will feel if I don’t make it to any of them.

Shamefully I’ve not been to see a show at The Arena in Worlverhapton since it got it’s make over, but this one is luring me:
Slot Machine (with Constance Brown occasional/regular Nick Tigg)

Partially shamefully, and partially because I’ve not been in the places they often do their stuff I have never seen
Women and Theatre

but like everyone else like Janice very much.


have been helpful for us and this project sounds fun.

Theatre Absolute

I have seen but not for a long time and it’s always up to the mark.

I’d be happy to hear reports back on any of them anyone has managed to catch already.


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