Proud Fathers

Friday came round and the staff of Bordesley Green East Nursery undertook their City Adventure Day and it wasn’t snowing, and it wasn’t raining, and it was cold, but there wasn’t ice on the pavements; in fact, the sun shone. As usual people appeared to have fun, in the afternoon’s thinking session as well as the morning’s doing session.

Benny, by careful deployment of formal white jacket and bowtie, has made the origami task his own. Graeme was on dioramas. Chris, one of our top hand massage picks, was called in as Craig’s Labour Watch status was cranked up to amber. Hannah was released from the office to stand on a bridge (she likes to get out and about) and proud Father Jake branched out into audio work at the market.

Stan followers need not worry, Jake hasn’t taken to the cloth, last Sunday Molly was born, well done Jo, well done Jake.

In the end Craig did come in and knock out a great documentary poem. We packed up together and by midnight Sorrel was born. Well done Charlotte, well done Criag.


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