Welcome to Middletown

Birmingham to Newark, Newark to Heartford, Heartford to Middletown. No movies, a bit of prep, a bit of writing and 2/3 of Sadie Plant’s fascinating Writing on Drugs. A smooth trip. We have been lent a beautiful house here, right beside the Wesleyan University Campus and the others were already looking very at home in the vast kitchen with cats wandering around.

Professor Barry Chernoff, one of our hosts, came round to escort us to the local bar and introduce us to its beers, which was very considerate of him. Barry is an ichthyologist (“a fish guy”) and really great value. It soon became clear ‘theatrical anecdotes’ weren’t going to cut it alongside tales of the Amazon, Piranhas, Sting Rays and fish that at crawl inside your penis if you piss in the water. Perhaps only Werner Herzog could trade stories in this kind of company but who wants to trade when the quality is this high? We fed Barry questions, sat back and had a great time.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Middletown

  1. Strangely enough, Jim’s theatrical anecdotes actually do involve stories of fish swimming up his piss-stream and lodging themselves in the unmentionables. He’s done some tough gigs.

  2. I’ve bought things off Amazon which can be quite difficult.
    Hope all well out there. Good luck and thinking of you

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