Re-Working the Wriggler

It feels as if we are getting to grips with Home of the Wriggler now. In 2006 we only performed it four times and so didn’t have time to explore how the piece works properly. Coming back to the scrip afresh has allowed us to take a new look at things and address some scenes we felt weren’t working up to full-power. It has been useful having Bharti onboard as a fresh eye on the piece, as a result we’ve made lots of the narrative links easier to follow.

Within the overall improvement of the show there are winners and losers. A big scene has gone. Heather’s off-loaded a monologue. Craig’s picked up a new part. Amanda’s lost some bits and gained others. Occasional lines have gone, individual words have been added here and there. Bits of staging have changed. It’s rough on people who thought they ha a grip on their lines, but we’re doing well for time and had a decent run through at the end of the day.


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