Building Site Visit

Yesterday I was given a guided tour of the building site that was and will be MAC. It’s all looking exciting. Here are some spy photos.

This is the new studio space. It is on what used to be the roof above the dance studio. This shot is looking back towards the Geese Theatre office used to be.

This is going to be the new Gallery space (double height as you can see).

This blurry shot is of the old theatre stripped out and leveled off. You’re looking towards the stage end. It’s going to have retractable bleacher seating with a main entrance on the first floor.

This is looking down from a place that didn’t exist before over a bridge that links the first floor theatre foyer to the first floor of the Hexagon building. Down there will be the new combined bar and cafe area which will the social heart of the building.

The facilities are going to be so much better than those of the old building. I can’t wait for it to open, to start playing there and seeing stuff there.


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