Cycling Home

It has been great watching Home of the Wriggler come back to life. It has also been great watching @ A E Harris become a venue. It’s not all been totally smooth, but we are learning and most things have come together well.

It was difficult to judge how many nights to do with the show in Birmingham, especially outside the shelter of MAC or BirminghamRep as sole promoters. In the end we opted for three nights but with Thursday busy and both Saturday and Sunday sold out it now looks as if we should have aimed higher. With the scrum for tickets, the good feel about the venue and good performances in my mind I set off home in high spirits. Traffic was very heavy around, especially given the hour. Something had just finished at the National Indoor Arena and everyone was leaving. Streams of cars and coaches flowed in every direction, temporary traffic lights had been sparked up and marshals were waving at traffic

Torvil and Dean put our triumph in its true perspective.


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