Balanced Coverage

One problem with not reading the right wing press is that you lose track of what your enemy is up to. We’re already expecting a nightmarish time once public spending comes under the cosh (or as Australian Cricket pundits would have it – under the pump), this article in the Daily Express is just setting the climate for the debate which is to come.

The Express are clearly not keen on debate as the option to discuss whether is better ‘squandered’ on arts or 20 Chinook Helicopters is unavailable on their site.


One thought on “Balanced Coverage

  1. The MoD are reported to waste between 1.5 and 2.5 billion a year through 'incompetence', mainly because of bad procurement processes. Those 20 Chinooks have probably already been ordered several times, then canceled, then had their spec changed, then renegotiated, and then canceled again. All for the price of several decades worth of arts activity. I got that from the Daily Mail.

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