Hubris Free Zone

A few weeks ago I appeared in the Birmingham Post’s Power 50 billed as “the 39th most influential person in the City” (or similar). Two days ago Friends of the Earth emailed to ask if, as the 39th most influential person in the City, I could set an example on 22nd September by cycling to work, I said I already did. Yesterday a schoolboy shouted “retard!” at me as I pedaled past. There’s no place for hubris in Birmingham.


One thought on “Hubris Free Zone

  1. That kind of abuse sounds all too familiar, when out and about on my bike.
    Not too long ago, Ed had a full McDonalds cup drink thrown at him out of a car window as he was cycling along, thankfully their aim was rubbish and it missed.
    In another incident, two 14-year-old-parents pushing an overpriced buggy pointed and laughed at me as I cycled past, but I resisted the urge to do the same back at them (What a saint I am).

    Oh the joy of the Birmingham Cyclist!

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