Improvisation Group

It’s exciting news to hear that Jon Trevor is starting up an improvisation group. It has a great name – Box of Frogs. The plan is for people to meet at St. Columba Church Hall (which is officially on Chantry Road but is essentially on Moseley Road within stumbling distance of The Prince of Wales and yards from a Number 50 Bus Stop). Kick off is 19.30 every Tuesday from 12th January and then go at it hammer and tongs until 21.30. Download more information here.

Given that much of Stan’s Cafe’s devised work is chiseled out of improvisations we’ve got to endorse this kind of initiative.

Nice one Jon.

P.S. Our lawyers would like to point out that there are many other excellent pubs also within stumbling distance, but that old habits die hard.

2 thoughts on “Improvisation Group

  1. Is the weekly workshop still running? Can you confirm time and place for me. Thanks

    John Mc

  2. Hi John, to be honest I’m not sure, we were told about this a long time ago. Hopefully there is enough info on the post for you to track down the group.

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