Scalextric is Back – In Miniature


Last week Chris and I spent an enjoyable week @ A E Harris building human scale board games with pupils and staff of the Virtual College. Triple Trouble was a game for two teams of three played across three rooms, with quiz questions, chance and skill all tested. Heaven and Hell was a beefed up version of Ludo. Both great fun to play and spectate.

Intermittently over the last few week’s Craig has been visiting Paganel School in Birmingham has they prepare to run a big Scalextric race with customised cars. More intensive, and thus quicker on the draw, has been Jack .working with Whitehall School in Leicester. They have been practicing commentary and sports journalism, including a trip to see Leicester whip Nottingham Forest 3 – 0. Now they are set for their race tomorrow. The track has been laid and is looking very impressive as you can see. We wish them luck.

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