Cutting Edge

My Mimaki

Anyone who suggests the main purpose of Stan’s Cafe is to allow certain boys to play with certain toys is clearly way off the mark. The fact that preparing for Market Steps has required me to spend a day or so with my sleek MacBook hooked up to a beautiful Mimaki CG-60SL vinyl cutter is a matter of complete indifference to me. The magical choreography of rollers spinning back and forth combining with cutting blade flying side to side to create sweeping arcs, snails, birds, butterflies, footprints, handprints and text bubbles has barely registered with me. I wasn’t at all sad when I returned it to its box and waved it (and Graeme) off to Wandsworth to meet up with Simon, the machine’s first true love.

A brief shout out has to go to Craig whose remote telephone troubleshooting prevented me growing irate and hating this selfsame kit.

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