Kindle Theatre Dinner


Tonight Kindle are co-piloting Pilot Night @ A E Harris (the doors open at 7 for 7.30 kick off, £5 or £4 concessions not bad for seeing a whole load of provocative new theatrical ideas).

Last night Kindle hosted a meal @ A E Harris. Responding to Theatre Pledge Number 3 – Host a meal/party for 8 people 4 of whom you barely know – they invited all the Pilot Artists plus anyone else who received an invitation via a web of forwarded emails. It was a pleasant and tasty do. It seemed as if a decent load of Theatre Chat took place, which was the whole point. So well done Kindle, another challenge ticked off.

One element of Pilot Nights is the aspiration to give artists feedback on their embryonic projects, so to help them in this ambition there follow a series of very minimal postings about tonight’s acts, reading for comments to be added (ideally by folk who have actually seen the acts).

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